Administration Utilities for NDS

Most Linux implementations do not include any NetWare administration utilities. However, Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 ships with several utilities that enable you to administer a NetWare NDS tree. This section reviews each of these utilities. Table 28.11 contains a brief overview of each utility.

Table 28.11. Overview of NDS Administration Utilities
Utility Use
nwdsaddtrust Gives an NDS object rights to a NetWare directory or file
nwdsattrs Lists attributes of an NDS object class
nwdscreate Creates an NDS object
nwdsmodify Modifies values of an NDS object
nwdsrm Deletes an NDS object
nwdssetspace Sets directory size restriction for a NetWare directory
nwdsshowspace Shows directory size restriction ...

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