Our focus for this part of the chapter is to examine two studies conducted by Mier Communications Inc. on VoIP products. The general results of the first study are available from Mier Communications [MIER98].[3] The second study is also available from [MIER99] and [MIER99a][4]. Mier Communications can be reached at After we examine the first test, we then look at the new test, and compare the differences.

[3] [MIER98] Mier, Edwin, E. "Voice-Over-IP: Sounding Better,"Business Communications Review, February, 1998.

[4] [MIER99a] Mier, Edwin, E. "VoIP Gateways-Tradeoffs Affecting Voice Quality," Business Communications Review Voice 2000, January, 1999.

Figure 8-2. Topology for study [MIER98]

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