We have developed our pedagogical features to implement and reinforce the goals discussed previously and address the many challenges in this course.

Pedagogy that Provides an Integrated Approach

Wouldn't it be frustrating if every time you wanted to get a cup of coffee you had to go to one end of the kitchen to get a cup, then to another end to get the coffee, and then to a third end to get a spoon? What if when you wanted to study you had to go to one room to get your backpack, then to another room to get your books, and then to a third room to get your writing material? What if when you went to your college cafeteria for lunch you had to go to one area of the cafeteria for a tray, then to another area for the plates, and then to yet another area for the utensils? You would be experiencing wasted energy and time, as well as disorganization due to poor layout planning. As you can see from these examples, your experience would be frustrating. Now imagine the same kinds of problems in a company and you will appreciate the consequences of poor layout planning.

Proper layout planning cuts costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and increasing efficiency. However, a good layout plan can do much more for a company by improving worker attitude and creating a positive organizational climate. Consider the SAS Institute, a software company known for having its facilities arranged for comfort and enjoyment of their employees. The company has on-site child care facilities, ...

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