Sales Scripts that Sell, Second Edition

Book description

Sales Scripts That Sell

An all-in-one training manual for every level of experience, the book is arranged by selling activity, including:

  • Prospecting

  • Controlling the sale

  • Countering objections

  • Handling stalls

  • Closing

  • Getting referrals.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Prologue
  3. The Groundwork
    1. Why and How to Use Sales Scripts That Sell
      1. Why Use This Manual?
      2. How to Use This Manual
    2. Globalizing Sales
      1. Understanding Culture’s Role in Selling
      2. Preparing to Sell Across Cultures
      3. Controlling the Cost of Cultural Ignorance
      4. Using Culture to Guide Sales Scripts
      5. It’s All Sales Communication
      6. Stereotypes and Sales
      7. Age Matters
      8. Gender Matters
      9. Wearing Down the Culture Barrier
    3. Technology, MEdia, and Sales
      1. Face Up to the MEdia Revolution
      2. E-Mail: Break Through
      3. Blogs: Reach Out
    4. Language Success Secrets
      1. What Is Success?
      2. Creating Change to Achieve Success
      3. Using Powertalk Successfully
      4. Sales Nonverbal Investigators
  4. Action!
    1. When Using Sensible Selling
      1. Why Sensible Selling Works
      2. How Sensible Selling Works
    2. Scripts to Prospect with
      1. Cold Calls to New Customers
      2. Calls to Referrals
      3. Calls to Former Clients
      4. Effective Discussion Openers
      5. Getting By the Secretary
      6. “I’m Too Busy to Talk to You Right Now.”
      7. “You’re Wasting Your Time.”
      8. “I’m Not Interested.”
      9. “Send Me Literature,” or “Send Me an E-Mail.”
    3. Controlling the Sale
      1. Controlling the Buyer: The Key to Your Success
    4. Scripts That Help Control the Sale
      1. Establishing Needs and Wants
      2. Qualifying the Buyer for Your Product or Service
  5. Tackling Roadblocks
    1. Countering Objections Positively
      1. Overcoming Buyer’s Block: Understanding Pays
    2. Scripts for Overcoming Objections
      1. “The Price Is Far Too High.”
      2. “I Need to Check Out Your Competitors.”
      3. “We Have Decided Not to Buy the Product/Service from You.”
      4. “Times Are Tough.”
      5. “We Feel We Must Be Loyal to Our Current Supplier.”
      6. “We Use Another Company’s Product/Service and Do Not Need You at this Time.”
      7. “We Don’t Want to Risk Changing.”
      8. “Your Company Is Too Large/Small.”
      9. “We Can Buy It for Less Money Elsewhere.”
      10. “We Tried That Before and It Didn’t Work.”
      11. “It Sounds Risky.”
      12. “Your Company Is New on the Block; You Have No Track Record.”
    3. Handling Stalls
      1. The Psychology of Stalling: It’s Decision Time
    4. Scripts for Handling Stalls
      1. “We Want to Think It Over.”
      2. “We Are Going to Wait Until the Next Quarter.”
      3. “Business Is Really Slow Right Now.”
      4. “We’re Not Ready to Buy.”
      5. “I Need to Share This With My Boss.”
  6. Wrapping It Up!
    1. Closing Successfully
      1. Take the C Out of Close and You Lose
    2. Scripts That Let You Close Successfully
      1. Closes You Can Always Use
    3. Obtaining Referrals
      1. Back to Business Building: The Magic Never Stops
    4. Scripts That Get You Referrals
      1. Asking for Referrals from Prospects Who Did Not Purchase from You
      2. Asking Customers for Referrals
  7. Epilogue
  8. Index of Scripts
    1. Scripts to Prospect with
    2. Scripts that Help Control the Sale
    3. Scripts for Overcoming Objections
    4. Scripts for Handling Stalls
    5. Scripts that Let You Close Successfully
    6. Scripts that Get You Referrals
  9. Casting Call for More Sales Scripts That Sell
  10. About the Authors

Product information

  • Title: Sales Scripts that Sell, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Ph.D. Teri Gamble, Ph.D. Michael Gamble
  • Release date: August 2007
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814474211