Connecting to a Folder
____ 10. From the File menu, select Connect To Folder. The Connect to Folder window appears. Using that window, expanding the entries in its tree as necessary, starting with Computer, navigate to a folder named13
Click that folder so that its name is highlighted. See Figure 1-20. Press the OK button. Observe that the Catalog Tree (in the left pane) now contains an entry (currently selected) that gives you access directly to the desired folder. Also, the path to that folder is shown in the Location text box and in the title bar of the ArcCatalog window.) Now whenever you want to access that folder, you merely need to find this direct shortcut in the Catalog Tree, rather than having to navigate to it through levels of hierarchy.
Basically, connecting to a folder provides a shortcut that you should always set up when you anticipate needing a data set more than once or twice.
____ 11. Using File > Disconnect Folder, remove the entry you just made. Then, restore it with the Connect To Folder icon, which you will find on the Standard toolbar that is located under the Main menu. The icon resembles the one associated with File > Connect Folder. Finally, make a folder connection with the [___]IGIS-Arc folder itself.

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