Examining the Table
____ 8. The table has a “current record” that, when you first view the table, is the first record. You can change that. Since you clicked on a cell in the fourth row, the current record is now 4. It is marked by a triangle in the box on the left of the record. The number of the current record is also shown in the Record text box at the bottom of the window. You also see the total number of records. You can change the current record by doing any of the following:
  • Clicking in a box to the left of the OBJECTID field
  • Clicking a cell of a record
  • Typing the desired record number in the Record text box (and pressing Enter)
  • Clicking on the buttons on either side of the Record text box.
Experiment with the procedures described above, making various records the current record.
You can scroll the viewable area of the table with the horizontal scroll bar and, if the table has a lot of records, the vertical scroll bar. You can also change the widths of the columns for better viewing by dragging the dividing lines between the column headings. (To see more of the table, you can shrink, hide, or dismiss the Catalog Tree, but the Tree is probably something you will be using frequently, so that should come into consideration.)
____ 9. Both the X_COORD and the Y_COORD columns are excessively wide. Place the mouse pointer on the column heading text line and drag the column separators to the left to reduce the widths of these columns. If you double-click a column separator, ...

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