Copying Data over to Your Personal IGIS Folder
____ 1. Start ArcCatalog: make it occupy the full monitor screen. Expand [___]. Expand IGIS-Arc. Click Wildcat_Boat_Data. Right-click the selection and pick Copy. Select
Right-click the selection and pick Paste.
____ 2. Using almost the same technique as in Step 1, copy and paste
into your folder, except this time use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V for copy and paste.
____ 3. Collapse the Catalog Tree as much as possible, then expand the entries (except for Village_Data) in
as much as possible. The Catalog Tree should look something like Figure 1-30. If it doesn’t, remove the folder Wildcat_Boat_Data from
and try again.
(Again, be careful not to remove the folder
because, if you do, your Fast Facts File will depart with it.)
Come to think of it, now would be a good time to back up your Fast Facts File. Put it on a thumb drive, a flash drive, a network drive, or e-mail it to yourself. Maybe you should make a couple of backups, using different methods. It is rare that a person has too many backups; it is quite common to not have enough.

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