Exploring Soils
____ 10. Click the Preview tab. Select Soils in the Catalog Tree. You see a map of the Soils you worked with in Assignment 1-1. In the pull-down menu in the Preview text box (bottom of the window), select Table. How many Soils polygons are there? _________.
____ 11. Examine the table. Notice the fields Shape_Length and Shape_Area. These attributes are the perimeters and areas of polygons. This is information you get “for free” by using a GIS. Sort the Shape_Area column into ascending order. To the nearest tenth of a meter, what is the perimeter of the polygon with the smallest area? ____________ meters.
____ 12. Click the Description tab. Note the information there, some of which is incomplete. Expand the ArcGIS Metadata (click the link) and then see if you can read through the data and find the following values:31
Geographic Coordinate System Name: _______________________
Projected Coordinate System Name: _________________________
Lat-Lon West Longitude: _________________________________
Lat-Lon East Longitude:__________________________________
Lat-Lon North Latitude: __________________________________
Lat-Lon South Latitude: __________________________________
Now look at the extents in the Item’s Coordinate System
West Longitude: ________________________________________
East Longitude: ________________________________________
North Latitude: ________________________________________
South Latitude: ________________________________________
Expand ...

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