File Page Setup


Use this command to configure settings that affect an entire document, or at least large parts of it. Open the Page Setup dialog with the menu command or by double-clicking in the dark gray (margin) areas of the ruler.

The Page Setup dialog box is divided into four tabs: Margins, Paper Size, Paper Source, and Layout. These tabs are covered later in this section. Here are a few items that apply to all tabs in the Page Setup dialog (see Figure 4-10):

  • The Preview section changes to reflect all settings made between the time the Page Setup dialog is opened, and the time OK (or Cancel) is clicked. Thus, changes on every tab can be made to see what the collected changes look like at once.

  • The “Apply to” setting affects the entire Page Setup dialog, not just the settings on the current tab. The “Apply to” list may contain the following choices:

    • “Whole document” applies settings to the whole document.

    • “This point forward” applies settings from the insertion point on.

    • “Selected text” applies settings only to selected paragraphs and only shows up in the list when a selection is made in the document prior to opening File Page Setup.

    • “This section” applies settings to the document section that contains the insertion point and only shows up in the list if your document contains more than one section.

    • “Selected sections” applies settings to the section or sections with selected text. This only shows up in the list if your document contains more than one section ...

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