Common Parameters

The following identifier is used for many different Export and Import commands:


Name for an export file or log file. The default filename for an export file is expdat.dmp. The default extension is .dmp for an export file and .log for a log file.

The following parameters can also be used with both the Export and Import utilities:

BUFFER = buffersize

Specifies the size, in bytes, of the buffer used to fetch or load rows. This parameter determines the maximum number of rows in an array fetched by the Export utility as:

rows = buffer / maximum_row_size

If you specify 0, Export fetches one row at a time, or Import loads one row at a time. Tables with LONG, LOB, BFILE, REF, ROWID, or type columns are always fetched or loaded one row at a time. BUFFER applies only to conventional path export and has no effect on a direct path export. The default is operating system dependent.


Specifies whether table constraints are exported or imported. The default is Y.


When set greater than 0, specifies that Export or Import should display a progress meter in the form of a dot for each n number of rows exported. The default is 0.

FILE = filename

Specifies the name of the export file or the file created by the Export utility that is the source of the import. This parameter can take multiple filenames if the size of the file is limited by the FILESIZE parameter, as of Oracle8i. filename is a common identifier, defined earlier.


Limits ...

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